Namaskar, welcome and bienvenue to Dune Barr House. Dune Barr House is 170 year old British mansion in Asia’s only pedestrian hill resort near Mumbai.

Elphinstone Heritage Suite

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Dune Barr House Elphinstone Heritage Suite is located on the right side of the main house. It is a very large suite with a separate children room and a large lounge-drawing room at the entrance.

Heritage Superior Rooms

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The rooms are unique in design, decoration and furniture. All these Heritage Rooms are Non Air conditioned. They also have their private outdoor sitting.

Heritage Rooms

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The rooms are unique in design, decoration and furniture. All these Heritage Rooms are Non Air conditioned. They also have their private outdoor sitting.


The basic feature of a Parsi lunch is rice, eaten with lentils or a curry. Curry is made with coconut and ras without, with curry usually being thicker than ras. Dinner would be a meat dish, often accompanied by potatoes or other vegetable curry. Kachumbar (a sharp onion-cucumber salad) accompanies most meals. Also popular among Parsis, but less so elsewhere, are the typical Parsi eeda (egg) dishes, which include Akuri (scrambled eggs with spices) and the pora (“Parsi” omelette). Also, vegetables like Okra, tomato and potato and others are often cooked with eggs on top. Our food is made-to-order, using fresh vegetables, as much as possible coming straight from our 2 Organic farm at Elephant Valley Kodaikanal and Dune Eco Village . The bread, the jam, the pastries are all home made. We don’t use any canned product or ready made frozen dish. No Glutamate. No chemicals colors and other taste enhancer. Our Chef loves new ideas and you are welcome to learn a new recipe or even teach him a few! Feel free to speak to him for special meal requests – we always do our best to cater to your needs!

Local Shopping

If you want to experience local culture first-hand, do not miss out on the central bazaar! You will find a variety of shops selling a wide diversity of products. The local honey is a must try as well, as it is considered to be one of the best to be found all around India


If you are adventurous and love trekking, you’ve come to the right place! There are multiple trekking paths that lead to Matheran, the one going through the Gerbert plateau being the most popular. Starting from Bhivpuri station, the climb is a beautiful experience throughout.

Bird Watching

You will be able to spot a few elusive species of forest birds, as well as those endemic to the Western Ghats in the surrounding evergreen forests. Some of the species here include the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Malabar Whistling Thrush, White-cheeked Barbet, Brown Wood Owl, and the migratory Indian Blue Robin (that you can spot in winters).


Enjoy taking an explorative walk amidst the lush semi evergreen forests of Matheran, filled with blooming flowers and dense vegetation. Thanks to the quality of the soil and the consistency of the rains, the plateau is rich in diversity and has a unique flora. Animals that are usually found in the area are giant squirrels, golden langurs, barking deers, foxes, etc. There are also several view points where one can see the valleys stretching out below.

Horse Riding

A famous activity in Matheran, horse riding is a great way to explore and discover your surroundings! Hiring a horse won’t be a problem as they are very common in the area; the rates vary depending on the distance and the timing.

Look-out Points

Matheran offers a wide range of view points, 33 to be precise! Famous ones include : Porcupine Point, Echo Point, Monkey Point, Panorama Point, and Heart Point. There are of course many more points that can be found while exploring, which provide a magnificent view for sunset and sunrise.

Charlotte Lake

Not too far from Dune Barr House, one finds the Charlotte Lake; Matherans main source of drinking water! The lake is named after Captain Barr’s daughter. Situated at one end of the lake is the old Pisarnath temple, as well as two spots for picknicking – Echo and Louisa point. When the monsoon seasons kicks in, it creates numerous little rivulets that spill out from the lake.